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We offer the most premium service in the industry. Servicing more area on your property and only using high grade organically derived products.


We use only the highest grade of chemicals to ensure peace of mind for your pets and little ones.


We understand balancing a budget. We wanted to have the highest caliber of service and products at an affordable price.

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These guys are the star of the show. Not only are they super hard to get rid of, but many believe it is impossible. We have developed methods to not only control them but GUARANTEE them!


Here in Arizona you either have termites or are going to get them. We offer FREE full property inspections. We have many different treatment methods depending on the activity level.


From roof rats, mice, and gophers we take care of all your furry intruders.


We take care of all the critters from spiders, crickets, ants, roaches…you name it we control them!

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Merrill has been servicing my home now for almost 3 years. The communication I receive about upcoming service dates and my billing statements are amazing. Thank you for always communicating and also for keeping Scorpions away!

Kelli S.

Excellent customer service! I text Nick (owner) and he responds quickly. His tech (Jonathan) is very professional, thorough, and just a pleasant guy. If I need a re-spray due to returning critters/scorpions, they respond quickly and take care of you. Price is fair, service is superb, I trust this family owned operation and highly recommend!

Gilaad B.

Nick with Merrill Pest Solutions came by sprayed our house and we could not be happier. We were really sold on the product that they use since it is safe with pets and babies, which we have both of in our house. It is the same stuff that they use in the hospitals so that put our minds at ease. When Nick came by he was very professional and thorough in his application. We had been using another company for about 2 years and thought the service was fine but now that I have seen how it should be done I wish we would have switched sooner. He knocked down all of the webs and nests on the entire exterior of the house rather than just spraying over them. He also used a TON of product in the front and back yard to kill anything on the fence line. He used some extra product on the doorways and openings to the house to make sure nothing could cross over. He did a great job and we have not seen a single bug since he serviced our house. The price was very reasonable for the amount and quality of product he used. We are glad we switched and look forward to a pest free home

Dallas S.

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